Barnham Marketing has partnered with Ivaldi since September 2020. Their mission is to transform the world’s inventory by sending files, not parts.

They provide companies specialising in heavy industry with the tools they need to make smarter, more cost-effective procurement decisions by shifting from physical to digitally distributed parts.

The Challenge

Even though their product is class-leading, generating leads with the original marketing approach from their website and overall efforts was challenging. This situation can be the outcome of many factors, and we were tasked to detect the source of the problem and ultimately achieve growth by building an effective sales pipeline.

First, there were no marketing operations in place, which meant we had to start from scratch. To understand a new client’s needs, our first step is to always start with a Marketing Audit, which provides us with an overview of their current marketing profile and pain points.

What we did

Project Segmentation – Marketing Strategy

After discussing the outcome of the audit with the client, we started building a marketing strategy and within the strategy, we stretched out a 12-month actionable marketing plan.

After our thorough analysis, it was obvious that they needed a full brand refresh. This included:

  • New Brand Guidelines: A rule book to communicate their brand’s voice and look effectively and consistently.
  • Logo Amendments: The previous Ivaldi logo contained orange and grey, our graphic designer decided to implement a bright yellow and black to make the brand pop. The main colours within Ivaldi are yellow, blue and a suite of three greys, this simple and effective colour palette gives the brand a clean and modern aesthetic.
  • Message and Tone: We changed the messaging and made it more direct and concise to target and communicate with Ivaldi’s buyer persona more effectively.
    Imagery: A preset via Adobe Lightroom for the imagery was created, this preset highlights the yellow and blues within the photography. This preset allows for more images to be created faster and on-brand.
    Website: Ivaldi hosted their website with Wix, but we felt that it is better for SEO and functionality reasons to move to WordPress. We managed to complete the website project in just 4 weeks.
  • New CRM: Hubspot CRM fitted Ivaldi’s needs perfectly and gave them the option to organize, track, and build better relationships with their leads and customers.
  • Content Creation: We created new blog posts and incorporated SEO keywords to maximise traffic. We also built campaigns around new projects Ivaldi was working on at the time, which included email campaigns, social media posts and dedicated landing pages.

All parts of the overall project were developed simultaneously, as this has proven to be the easiest and the least time-consuming way of completing a project successfully.

What We Achieved

The new website launched in November, and we were able to track the website’s performance for a whole month in December. The website generated more leads in one month, December 2020, than it did from January until November.

Ivaldi invested in the project and fully trusted us to give them the result they wanted. We are delighted to have Ivaldi as a client and continue working to bring them more growth through our overall marketing efforts.

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