London based SAAS firm, Shaparency, were launching a new digital board and shareholder platform, designed to change the way boards do governance.

Barnham Marketing was tasked to devise and execute a launch marketing strategy to facilitate this.

The Challenge

Shaparency has a vision in mind to transform governance and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of board and shareholder operations to ultimately save money and time and improve the shareholder experience. Inevitably, Barnham Marketing set out to develop and implement an ROI focused digital-first integrated marketing strategy to optimise ad spends.

What We Did

It was imperative we started with a marketing audit, this way we could evaluate existing marketing strategies so we could plan to make Shaparency’s digital marketing vision, a reality. On a mission to become digital, we value the philosophy Shaparency have on shaking up the way business’ do governance and we wanted to bring that through in the campaigns.

Shaparency’s service caters for a range of industries, hence it was vital our marketing strategy focused heavily on campaign activation and SEO.

What We Achieved

Successful go to market strategy with launch of platform and targeted lead generation to multiple verticals.

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