Vancouver based construction company New City were looking to reset their marketing approach and brand.

As an established business of 20 years New City had no one actively working in on their marketing approach and were solely dependent on their business development team to reach their goals.

The Challenge

Their main objective was to generate leads across trades. As a contracting business, apart from their permanent personnel, they are recruiting craftsmen all year round, depending on how many projects they have. Their integrated thinking is based on grouping services for efficient management and increased accountability to their customers.

To achieve automatic lead generation, we had to put many marketing automation tools in place. To get a better understanding of the client’s needs, we started with a Marketing Audit. After we were provided with all the needed information, the second step was to map out a plan, starting with the Marketing Strategy.

What We Did

Project Segmentation- Marketing Strategy

Alongside the Marketing Strategy to reach New City’s goal, we built an actionable 12-month Marketing Plan. This included:

  • New Brand Guidelines: When a complete brand refresh is needed, it all starts with brand guidelines. It is the rule book that guides all company communications(voice, look, etc.), and even though the mission statement and the voice of New City remained the same, the messaging and image took a more modern and direct approach.
  • Logo Amendments/ Imagery: The original logo contained three bright colours; however, after discussing with New City’s CEO, it was decided that to make the brand pop and make it more recognisable, one bright colour would be the optimal choice. A bright red was chosen, and it was applied across all imagery, logos, and the company website to create a feeling of consistency.
  • Message and Tone: We reviewed and simplified the language across their website. Our target was to build a communication channel and a message that spoke to both the targeted clients and the trades that was part of our project’s main objective.
  • Website: Their old website was outdated and hadn’t been renewed over the years. Best practice indicates that a website needs to be redesigned every 2 to 3 years to stay modern and perform better in traffic and conversion rates. This is why we redesigned their website in WordPress, and we managed to do that successfully in just three weeks.
  • New CRM: Hubspot CRM is a tool that gave New City the option to organise, track, and build better relationships with their leads and customers. We decided that the best fit for New City was to get the paid version to have all the marketing functions integrated into one tool that would ultimately help them with marketing automation.
  • Content Creation: We created new blog posts and incorporated SEO keywords to maximise traffic. We also built campaigns around new projects New City was working on, including email campaigns, social media posts, and dedicated landing pages. Even though our campaigns talked about most business functions, our main focus was to target craftsmen and capture this category of leads.
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